Restricted businesses

As a regulated entity, we operate under strict requirements imposed by the financial regulator, the card schemes (Visa, Mastercard and American Express) and our acquiring bank- who acts as a gateway to the card services. Our license is not limitless and we cannot support every business model. Therefore it can happen that new restricted categories are added or existing ones removed. We will do our best to update the list as soon as possible. For further questions please contact our Support Team.

The following business categories cannot be supported:

  • Future business: The delay between processing a card transaction and handing out the product/service shouldn’t be longer than 7 days. If it’s in your case more than 7 days, your business falls in the category “future business” (for example: selling concert (disregarding box offices) or flight tickets)

  • Adult entertainment / Pornography

  • Airlines

  • Business seminars- like real estate seminars, investment programs, business opportunities/strategies, self-help books

  • Collection agencies, refinancing of debt / factoring, mortgage, brokers/reduction services/refinancing, Payday loans

  • Cosmetic surgery

  • Non-licensed Counselling centers (for example: debt and financial counselling, marriage and family counselling, alcohol and drug abuse counselling, and other personal counselling)

  • Detective agencies, protective agencies, security services including armored cars, guard dogs

  • Door-to-door sales

  • Drug paraphernalia

  • Employment agencies, temporary help services

  • Escort services

  • File sharing services

  • Fortune tellers

  • Gambling

  • Guns, firearms, munitions sale & distribution

  • Illegal or legally questionable businesses or products

  • Investor services/investment clubs. Sale of stocks, securities, options, binary options, Forex, and other investments

  • Male/Female enhancers

  • Membership fees

  • Modeling/talent agencies

  • Not-for-profit organizations

  • Pawn shops

  • Political organizations

  • Products with doubtful efficiency: may include but not limited to weight loss products, hair growth products, products to boost, physical performance.

  • Protection services: protection, insurance, or registration, service against things such as identity theft, Internet, fraud, credit card theft or fraud, etc.

  • Pyramid sales/multi-level marketing

  • Religious organizations & goods stores

  • Sexual encounter firms

  • Stamp and coin stores

  • Telecommunication services including but not limited to prepaid phone services and recurring phone services

  • Used cars (if you sell Yachts/Motorbikes/Cars, no matter if used or new – please check this article)

  • Deposits /caution and any type of payment that is subject to refund, regulated by the merchant’s T&C

If one of these categories describes your business (completely or just partly) and you’re already a SumUp merchant, we kindly ask you to contact our support team.

Last Updated: Jan 26, 2017 12:49PM UTC